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"Shannon Harrington, Beatrice Tulchin and Alexa Shae Niziak are spot on as the students."

"Great ensemble acting, including the three girl students (Shannon Harrington, Alexa Shae Niziak and Beatrice Tulchin)..."

"...the acting is extraordinarily good even when judged by the uncommonly high standard that the Mint has set over the years. Every last woman (or girl) on stage gives a stellar performance in every way..."

"We watch classmates, Phyllis (Beatrice Tulchin), Dorothy (Shannon Harrington), and her star, Peggy (Alexa Shae Niziak), rehearse. All these young actresses are excellent...""

"...Esther Gold, played by the cold yet strong Karen Lynn Gorney, enters accompanied by her past selves Young Esther (Shannon Harrington) and Adult Esther (Krystal Rowley)...Both actresses convey these vastly different emotional states beautifully and consistently, with Gorney the believable rock who holds the trio together."

"The chemistry on stage is something that is undeniable. Throughout the play, one often forgets that the acting isn't real...That's because the actors truly respect each other and learn to pull out emotions."

"Shannon Harrington is adorable as Susie... She is a beautiful little girl with big, warm eyes. What impressed me most was how she was devoid of any of that horrible, child acting young actors are taught. She instead creates an honest, natural child. No cheesy, high-pitch kid voice or cutesy-pie antics. This tiny bundle of talent holds her own with the leads."

"...and the unbelievably too young to be that talented, 9 year-old Shannon Harrington as 'Susan Waverly.' This is Harrington's second year in a row playing Susan for the national Broadway tour. I can only imagine where this kid will be at age 16, but something tells me a Tony Award could be involved."


"and Shannon Harrington as Susan Waverly is simply endearing and she easily steals the spotlight."

"...and his adorable granddaughter, Susan (Shannon Harrington on this opening night) were convincing and lovable in their roles."

"All of the performers were simply exquisite - from the youngest cast member (Shannon Harrington) to the oldest (Joseph Costa), each allowed his or her character to shine."

Shannon Harrington Shannon Harrington